I created this motion graphics ad for a friend of mine who wanted a promo for his venture into the solar industry. He did the voice-over, provided what he wanted to talk about, and we worked up the final script together. Everything was made on my old MacBook Pro with After Effects, Photoshop and Soundtrack Pro. We recorded a few takes of his voice-over with a Blue Snowball USB microphone and used his Prius as a make-shift sound booth. This went from concept to storyboards to final video in less than a week. And it was a blast to work on!

I created this promo reel for Pixolux years ago. Most of the stills and a couple animations in this promo were created by Eric Barlow but some of my pre-Pixolux work made it in too, such as the Mini Cooper animation I made as a test while I was at Digital X, the CG ocean, the train-bus (kind of a mystery machine) used to test 3D animation inside an equirectangular sphere, the VersaLaser wireframe animation and the TCZ-900X I made while I was consulting for Concept Designworx. I used After Effects to stitch it all together and this was the first time I used the Sure Target preset from Video Copilot -- great preset!

I made this promo animation for K&I Architects while I was consulting for Pixolux. It was my first real attempt at using the rigid body physics engine in 3DS Max (although those scenes never made it into the final cut). And it was a great learning experience for getting to know 3D inside of After Effects.