Testing 1-2-3

This is a quick build up of how I typically put things together in 3DS Max and composite in Photoshop. I use the VRay Frame Buffer to save out a single multichannel EXR. This contains all the object and material ID masks, Z-Depth pass, reflection, self-illumination, etc. Then I open it up in Photoshop using ProEXR to automatically put all the channels into layers and start building things up. Then I add people, adjust the tone, color, etc.

This is a walk test using Fuse and Mixamo brought into 3DS Max and rendered in VRay.

This is a simple, custom car rig I used to test out animation and render settings in 3DS Max. It's a little fast :-) But I wanted to nail down a workflow using single multi-layered frames rendered in 32bit float, saved out through the VRay Frame Buffer and opened in AE using ProEXR Layer Comps. Other things in AE include pulling focus from a Z-Depth channel, using Optical Flares for the headlights, blooms on the glass and sun, and color correction and exposure adjustments.